Broadway Junction Station, Van Sinderen Ave and Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 2023
Iglesia Universal Windows, Etna St and Eldert Ln, Brooklyn, NY 2023
Atlantic Avenue Station, Atlantic Ave and Hinslade St, Brooklyn, NY 2023
Brendalys Fixing Makeup, Brooklyn, NY 2023
Virgin de los Dolores' Back, Aberdeen St Dead End, Brooklyn, NY 2023
Jamaica Ave and Cleveland St, Brooklyn, NY 2020
Franklin K. Lane from Eldert Ln, Brooklyn, NY 2023
Will Blazher in Broadway Junction, Brooklyn, NY 2023
Cypress Hills from Above, Barbey St Dead End, Brooklyn, NY 2023
Fine Fare Parking Lot, Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 2023

Nothing but The Truth (2019-ongoing)
documents the people and landscape in the Cypress Hills/East New York neighborhoods as they confront development and gentrification. In this work, the conversation centers around the cultural and historical significance of the local community. Each photograph attempts to show the intricacies and subtleties of every subject and landscape, revealing the uncertainties of life in a socially and economically disadvantaged environment that faces inevitable transformation. In general, these works act as living records and evidence that enhance our understanding of how communities of color withstand times of abrupt change.

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